River Lajas
lajassIf you are into bird watching, hiking or just looking for a refreshing swim in a fresh water river, the Lajas River is the place to visit.

The road to Cabuya crosses this river, so there is no way to miss it, and on the right river back there is an area where you can easily park and enjoy a swim or a hike.

Its shady banks are ideal for bird watching and kingfishers, herons, toucans, roseate spoon bills, and other birds can be easily seen.

Walking a little upstream will get you to some secluded and refreshing swimming holes so you can cool down.

At high tide you can walk to the shore for a safe swim in the ocean where you will encounter nice stretches of sandy beach.

At low tide, beautiful rock formations and tide pools are exposed that can also be enjoyed.

Additionally, this is a great shore for surfing at low tide if you want the waves all for yourself, as few people are aware of this secluded surfing spot.

After you are done with the Rio Lajas area, drive a few hundred meters past the Lajas bridge on the way to Cabuya and on the right you will encounter the largest Ficus tree (Higueron) on the Nicoya Peninsula, and perhaps the biggest in Costa Rica.

It is really worth it to see this impressive tree growing just beside the road. Some local people say is way over 200 years old as the elder people remember it being just as big in their childhood.