Cabuya Island
cemsCabuya Island features the only active island cemetery in the country, which can be visited by walking to it from the beach at low tide. There are low tides several times a day, they vary by 40 minutes each day. When the tide starts to recede a stony path is exposed and you can walk across to explore the island. The tide stays low enough to cross for a couple of hours; time enough to snorkel, fish from the rocks or explore the tide pools.

Besides the cemetery there is a small plantation of Cabuya plants on the island. The Cabuya plants have been used by native people since pre Colombian times to make rope and textiles. They also gave this area its name.

Originally the only way supplies could be brought to this area was by boat. A small boat would anchor near the island and goods could be purchased and local produce sold and sent to market in Puntarenas.

The island is well worth a visit, enjoyed by the local villagers, it is rarely explored by tourists not staying in Cabuya.